In Demand Radio
Win an In Demand Party For Your Prom!

Are you ready to dial up the fun and turn the volume all the way to eleven? Because In Demand Radio is about to shake up your end-of-year Prom like never before!

Picture this: a night of music, laughter, and memories to last a lifetime, all courtesy of Liverpool’s Live and Local Radio Station. In Demand Radio! That’s right, we could be swooping in to host your Prom, and we’re bringing the party with us!

But here’s the twist: we’re not just handing out this epic night on a silver platter. Oh no, we’re making you work for it – in the most hilariously awesome way possible!

All you need to do is round up your teachers or Prom organizers, gather them in a room, crank up the tunes, and let loose like there’s no tomorrow! We want to see your best moves, your wildest dance-offs, your craziest antics – all in a lightning-fast 20-second burst of pure Prom pandemonium!

Record your epic dance party, share it on social media, and tag In Demand Radio. Then, rally the troops – your students, their parents, even your neighbor’s pet goldfish – to like and share your video like there’s no tomorrow!

The school with the most likes and shares… You guessed it, they win the ultimate Prom experience, complete with In Demand Radio presenters, top-notch sound and lighting, and our very own Brekky Butler team, led by the one and only Lee Butler (availability pending, but fingers crossed)!

So, get creative, get wild, and show us why your Prom deserves to be the stuff of legend. Whether you’re busting out the choreography, staging a full-blown flash mob, or simply voguing like there’s no tomorrow, we want to see what makes your Prom shine brighter than the rest!

Let’s make this Prom one for the history books – are you ready to rave?