Public File

In Demand Radio (Liverpool & the North West), like each local commercial station in the UK has obligations with regard to its programmes, including its music and local content. These obligations are set out in the station Format which forms part of our Public File. The Public File is just one indicator of our output. Just ask us if you'd like a hard copy. If you have any comments on it, let us know or, if necessary, contact our regulator, Ofcom.


In Demand Radio does not run regular news bulletins. It is not a regulatory requirement to do so.


The station broadcasts twenty-four hours a day.

Programme Production

Programming within weekday daytimes is not regularly automated. Our evening, daytime, weeknight and overnight programming may be automated.

Local Programming

In Demand Radio programmes are broadcast from our studios in North West England:
Weekdays 07:00-19:00 Live from our studios
Other shows in the evening, overnight and at weekends may be pre-recorded, supplied from other sources or automated.

Our studios are at:
In Demand Radio,
40 Mill Lane


Guidelines on localness have been published by our regulator OFCOM, and are available here


To contact the radio station generally, please email and we'll make every effort to reply to any emails which raise substantive issues. Should you prefer to speak to programme management, please contact You can also contact the station during office hours on 0151 272 0135.

How to complain

Live, entertaining radio always carries some risk. We try to get things right, and not all programmes will be to everyone's taste. Where we do make mistakes, we'll try to take appropriate action as quickly as we can. Please do get in touch with any comments - praise or complaints and we'll consider them carefully. Contact us at To speak to us directly, our weekday office hours phone numbers are above. Should you have any difficulties, please speak to our Program Controller, Rick Houghton. If you feel we have not taken the right action regarding a broadcast after contacting us, you may refer the matter to our regulator, Ofcom.