Josef Hollywood
Josef Hollywood
The Weekend Vibe
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Josef Hollywood
Episode #61
2hr 1min
Broadcast: Sun 24th Oct 15:59
Available for 27 days 20hr 35min
Josef Hollywood
Episode #60
2hr 48sec
Broadcast: Sun 17th Oct 15:58
Available for 20 days 20hr 34min
Josef Hollywood
Episode #59
2hr 58sec
Broadcast: Sun 10th Oct 15:59
Available for 13 days 20hr 34min
Josef Hollywood
Episode #58
1hr 59min
Broadcast: Sun 3rd Oct 16:00
Available for 6 days 20hr 36min
The Weekend Vibe - Join Josef Hollywood for two hours of the biggest gossip from Hollywood, as well as the freshest trends and hits from across the globe, including interviews and the biggest in entertainment. Bio: I started in radio in 2013, aged 12- and have worked all over the world chatting with celebs, playing the hottest new music and bridging the gap between fan and interviewer when featuring pop acts.  When I’m not on the radio, I’m probably DJ-ing, filming, eating, out traveling somewhere or in The Netherlands.